Policies & Disclosure

Here are the policies by which I abide. Please respect these guidelines and review them thoroughly before contacting me. I may tweak my policies, so please check back from time to time.

Disclosure to Readers

All products will be reviewed and written about in an honest way. All opinions are those of Come Heather, that of her partner, or of her friends. Products reviewed on this blog have been provided to Come Heather in exchange for review, or have been purchased of her own volition. Come Heather is an affiliate for many sex toy companies, and receives a percentage in commissions from purchases made via affiliate links. My advertising and affiliate relationships do not influence the opinions I express on this blog. This blog is 18 U.S.C. 2257 compliant.


By entering you agree that you are of legal age to purchase sex toys where you reside. Entries to giveaways from giveaway-only accounts will be disqualified. Falsification of entries will be disqualified. Entries from multiple accounts run by the same person will be disqualified. I will contact the winner by e-mail and they will have five business days to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be drawn.

Product Reviews

I only review products whereby I can potentially earn affiliate income, that is to say either the manufacturer runs an affiliate program (e.g. Tantus), or an affiliate retailer sells the product (such as SheVibe).

If you’re really itching to get my feedback on your product (that is relevant to my blog) and you don’t fit the affiliate criteria, contact me for my paid review rates. I reserve the right to decline, and all reviews follows the same formula: honest, and unbiased, with no guarantee of product satisfaction. Reviews will not be rescinded under any circumstance.

I will not link to a competitor’s website; however, I reserve the right to compare toys by linking to my other reviews that may or may not include a competitor’s links/banner.

Once you send me an item, it belongs to me. I will always try to write my reviews in a timely manner (though at the moment I am behind on reviews due to illness). I will never ask for a product and fail to review it, so if I haven’t written my review, rest assured it’s in the works. Product review specifications must be agreed upon prior to shipment. In the body of the review, I will include at least two links to your company web shop or product page.

I only review toys that I deem to be body-safe, and compatible with my personal physiology. If, for instance, you send me unsolicited products with ingredients that I can’t use, I’m not obligated to review them. An example of this was when a company sent me an agreed upon item, and ‘added some extras’ in the hopes that I would review them. When the surprise products came in the mail, I discovered they were edible lotions and sprays containing ingredients to which I am allergic. I reserve the right to not review products I did not request to review. When in doubt, run it by me.

I am not responsible for items that get lost in the mail.

Products I review: sex toys made of body-safe materials such as platinum silicone, surgical steel, ceramic with lead- and cadmium-free glazes, unleaded glass, stone, non-toxic treated wood, and ABS plastic. My preferences include, but are not limited to: dildos, vibrators, butt plugs/beads, sex furniture, kegel balls, masturbator sleeves and prostate toys (guest reviews written by my partner, written to include the reaction of my partner, or others on whom I’ve used the toys), the occasional BDSM device or equipment, non-hormonal contraception, and menstrual products. I’m very selective with regard to reviewing lubricants and porn. If you don’t find your product in my YES list, drop me a line.

Products I do not review: sex dolls, arousal or “tightening” gels/creams, toys made from materials generally acknowledged as toxic or unsafe (think phthalates, sil-a-gel, lubes containing artificial colors or ingredients that encourage bacterial/fungal growth), genital or nipple ‘enlargers’ or pumps, penis extenders, lingerie, cam sites, escort sites, libido-enhancing supplements or other edible products, books, fucking machines, and anything with sexist/racist/homophobic/fatphobic/transphobic/ableist/non-consent-promoting marketing.

I also reserve the right (without warning) to dissolve affiliation and delete content if I discover your business engages in any of the above forms of oppressive marketing, harassment, or exploitative practices.


Contact me for sponsored content rates. All sponsored content will contain a brief Federal Trade Commission disclosure. All content is written by yours truly, or my talented penman partner-with-a-penis. Once we’ve agreed upon compensation and you have paid me, I’ll send you a list of pitches. I will then write a draft on said topic, including an agreed upon number of links to your website. Once I run the draft by you, you are entitled to modest feedback before I publish the post.

If at any time, you would like for me to remove the links/references to your business, I will do so. Provided the product(s) are not unique to your business, I may then edit the post to my liking (in the interest of preserving content on my blog). That said, I do not issue refunds on sponsored posts for any reason.

Advertising banners and links work in the same way: contact me for rates (please include an example of the kind of advertisement(s) you’d like to see on my site and/or social media), and if we are compatible, I will reply with an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I will place your ad on my site. All payments are final.


In the interest of transparency, I reserve the right to publish all communication via blog and social media sent to me from manufacturers, retailers, sex toy designers, and representatives thereof.

If you are a fellow blogger or reader, your communication will be kept private save for in the instance of abusive behavior (lewd messages containing references to pedophilia or other illegal sex acts, threats of violence, slurs, unsolicited photos of your genitalia a.k.a. “dick pics,” threats to consult a Legal Counsel on retainer or to sue for Defamation of Character, or other forms of asshattery).


If you like what I write, and want to use an excerpt, you may quote or paraphrase up to four sentences using proper attribution (a do-follow link to my homepage and a reference to ‘Come Heather’). I’d love to know that you appreciate my work, so please drop me a line if you decide to quote me.

If I discover that you have plagiarized me (including but not limited to publishing my posts on your blog, jacking my photography, or quoting me without attribution), I will contact your web host to file a copyright infringement complaint. You may not use my content or photos without my explicit permission.

Please contact me for details regarding interviews, and/or using my content in print.


If you are interested in consultation regarding product design, social media, or beta testing, give me a holler.