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Review • Fleshlight Ice and Sleeve Warmer • Ice, Ice Baby

fleshlight-icePinky and I actually had an inside joke about the Fleshlight Ice when we first started dating back in 2011. I was under the impression that it was meant to be used cold, hence the name.

I couldn’t imagine anyone, absent necrophiliacs, who would want to hump a cold cavity. Though, I mean, if you’re into Dom/Sub-Zero roleplay, who am I to judge?

To my relief, the only way it resembles ice is in its translucence.

I was glad that he tried a silicone masturbator sleeve before trying a Fleshlight, because this supple material would’ve totally ruined him for anything else. It’s really that good. It’s the best inanimate object to ever hug the curves of his cock.
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