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Review • Fleshlight Ice and Sleeve Warmer • Ice, Ice Baby

fleshlight-icePinky and I actually had an inside joke about the Fleshlight Ice when we first started dating back in 2011. I was under the impression that it was meant to be used cold, hence the name.

I couldn’t imagine anyone, absent necrophiliacs, who would want to hump a cold cavity. Though, I mean, if you’re into Dom/Sub-Zero roleplay, who am I to judge?

To my relief, the only way it resembles ice is in its translucence.

I was glad that he tried a silicone masturbator sleeve before trying a Fleshlight, because this supple material would’ve totally ruined him for anything else. It’s really that good. It’s the best inanimate object to ever hug the curves of his cock.
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Masturbators, Vibrators

Review • Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 Penile Vibrator • An Old Beater


Today is Pinky’s 28th birthday (Happy Birthday, Pinky!) and he’s here to tell us all about the Cobra Libre II from Fun Factory. With no further adieu…

I was looking forward to testing out the Cobra Libre II as soon as Heather told me about it. It’s billed by Fun Factory as a “sensitive, innovative, powerful” penis massager—basically a vibrator for penises. The idea of enveloping my junk in a snug sleeve of pure liquid vibration seemed like a can’t-miss concept.

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Review • Bad Dragon Anthro Shark Masturbator Sleeve • A Wet Dream

bad-dragon-anthro-shark-1I loved the idea of getting Anthro Shark for my boyfriend, because who hasn’t fantasized about making slippery love to a predatory sea beast 20,000 leagues out of your league? So here’s Pinky, givin’ you the scoop on a Bad Dragon masturbator sleeve! – Heather

When Heather first told me she was getting the Bad Dragon Anthro Shark in the mail for me to review, showing me pictures, I was at once enthusiastic, supportive, and just a little bit afraid. I had never used a toy like this before, and the idea of putting my cock in something with the name of ‘dragon shark’ was cause for some intimidation in a first-timer like me.

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