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I have a friend of the Sapphic persuasion who wanted to try being on the receiving end of strap-on play, but felt as though all the strap-on compatible dildos she’d seen at sex shops were too big for her vagina.

She doesn’t engage in penetration with anything except a finger or two, so even so-called small dildos were intimidating.

There are a million and one X-TREME monster dildos circulating the dildo-sphere, but very few body-safe, strap-on compatible penetrative toys of modest proportions. Tantus is changing that, because duh, it’s Tantus; they’re always going out of their way to make everyone feel included.

tantus-starter-warm-up-silk-small-6When I unveiled this fistful of tiny dildos, my friend’s eyes widened with excitement.

All three are under 5″ long, made from 100% glossy, sterilizable platinum silicone.

Silk Small (shown here in pink) has no bells, no whistles – a smooth and simple dildo about the size of the average middle finger, ideal for exploration. ‘Dildo’ is almost too crass of a word for this delicate beauty. Zero texture and a subtle curve makes this one the least advanced of the three.

The gorgeous gunmetal gray Warm-up is like a smaller version of the Sport. With its hooked head, it’s most appropriate for G-spotting or prostate stimulation, and, as the name implies, warming up.

tantus-warm-up-silk-small-starter-4Starter is the most phallic of the three options, having a slightly pronounced coronal ridge that provides subtle G-spot action and a slim, one inch diameter. It comes in black, purple, and the gorgeous glittery translucent apricot hue pictured that’s got me swooning and playing favorites.

These may also be a good option for those suffering from vulvovaginal disorders, certain folks of short stature with smaller anatomy, and pegging newbies. I would have loved these non-intimidating sex toys when I was first becoming familiar and comfortable with insertables.

Whether you need a quality introductory dildo, or you just want to stick to something small, these little cuties fit the bill. The moral of the story is that sex toys don’t have to be scary, UTWYI (unless that’s what you’re into).

Tantus Starter, Warm-Up, and Silk Small $29.99 each at SheVibe

Tantus sent me these three dildos in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you, Tantus!

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