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Review • Platinum Premium The Minis Smooth/Small Butt Plug • Beginnings

doc-johnson-platinum-premium-2I wanted to start the beginning of 2016 off with a toy for beginners. That’s not a euphemism for a cheapo, toxic toy that will break within a couple weeks, but instead a solid, body-safe, inexpensive choice for individuals new to exploring their bodies.

Never had anything larger than a finger in your butt? Say hello to my little plug, Doc Johnson Platinum Premium The Minis Smooth/Small. This is by far the teeny tiniest and most adorable butt plug I own, 100% silicone, and suitable for previously ‘exit only’ booties venturing into penetration territory.

Doc Johnson let me know they popped this into the box of items they were sending for review. With a usable length of 3″ and 0.7″ in diameter (about the length and width of my index finger), I was like, “um…could you upgrade that to a medium?” It was too late, the box was already in transit.

So then I says to myself, I says, “not everything has to be about your gaping chasm of a butthole, Heather, I’m sure plenty of your readers will appreciate a butt plug review for anal novices.”

It’s a fabulous option if you’re turned on by the idea of wearing a butt plug in for long stretches of time without experiencing the discomfort that larger plugs can induce. It glides in easily with a little bit of lube, and because it’s essentially weightless, it doesn’t attempt to slip out.

doc-johnson-platinum-premium-4In my butt’s humble opinion, the neck could be a little skinnier, and the base a little narrower for that characteristic “plunk!” feeling that lets you know the plug is locked in betwixt your cheeks.

A tiny plug of this variety satisfies the psychological component without any acheness in your anus; a boon if you intend to wear it in public. I’ve worn it for days in succession, only taking it out to sleep and poop. During those days, there were large chunks of time I forgot I was even wearing it.

In addition, I often have the problem of not being able to put anything in my vagina when I’m wearing a larger butt plug because it’ll crowd my pelvic cavity. This one is small enough that I can use a dildo or vaginal-toy-not-otherwise-specified for double penetration.

It’s tiny. I’m a butt plug size queen. That said, I like it – if only to diversify my sex toy portfolio.

$12.99 at Shevibe 

Thank you to Doc Johnson for sending me the Platinum Premium The Minis Smooth/Small for review!

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