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The We-Vibe Tango is made from ABS plastic (the same unyielding material Lego bricks are made from), leading many folks to say their clits felt “bruised” after using it for an extended period of time.

I needed to find a solution, a cushion for the squishin’, a silicone sleeve to swaddle that mighty vibe.

Fait accompli, y’all. Enter Doc Johnson Wonderland Mini Massagers.

I know, I know, I should shun the Sex Toy Overlords famous for churning out more jelly dongs than there are insects in the Amazon Rainforest, but I saw these adorable, body-safe, Alice in Wonderland-inspired silicone sleeves, and they warmed my cold, cold heart.

2-Doc-Johnson-Wonderland-PleasurepillarDoc Johnson seems to be headed in a really positive (non-toxic) direction with their new silicone toy lines, so I had to get my hands on these to test my Tango compatibility hypothesis. I’m pleased to say that if these two toys were people, they’d be perpetually skipping in a field hand-in-hand in slow motion.

These darling lil’ sleeves come in three of my favorite toy colors: White Wabbit (above left) in stark white silicone, a turquoise bloopy caterpillar called Pleasurepillar (at right), and the Heavenly Heart in crimson. There are also the omnipresent purple and pink options – redeemed, however, by the fact that they’re shaped like the Cheshire Cat and a badass mushroom.

Since the Tango doesn’t have a handle, you have to grip onto its vibrating body, which can be slippery if you’re using lube. The Wonderland sleeves solve that problem with a finger loop.

When I’m using my Tango as a clitoral vibe, I no longer use it without nesting it in a Wonderland sleeve. I like to touch my clitoris with just the tip of the rabbit ears (which are fused, for the record), or with the slightly broader knob on the end of the Pleasurepillar.

giveaway-we-vibe-doc-johnsonThe 10-function bullet vibe that comes included isn’t terrible, either. It could get me off on its highest setting, and the batteries are included, but…*chucks that sucker into the gaping maw of a watch battery bullet-eating dragon* …you know how I feel about those. I mean, I have a Tango, let’s be real here.

With no further adieu, I’m super excited to announce that SheVibe and Doc Johnson have teamed up to offer a blue We-Vibe Tango ($79.99 value) and a Wonderland Heavenly Heart Mini Massager ($43.50 value) to one of my awesome readers!

I couldn’t keep this pleasure hack to myself: the best of the best rechargeable bullet vibrator paired with the cutest little silicone sleeve I ever did see. It’s a match made in Wonderland.

This contest is open internationally. By entering you agree that you are of legal age to purchase sex toys where you reside. No falsifying information or giveaway-only accounts. I will contact the winner by e-mail and they will have five business days to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be drawn. This contest ends January 30th, 2016. 

We-Vibe Tango and Doc Johnson Wonderland Mini Massager Giveaway!

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  • Myra

    Personally, I’ve been dying to try squirting (well, squirting on purpose anyway) and would love to see you review some toys that are recommended for that? Or just awesome G-spot toys. ^_^

    • Come Heather

      Ooh, Myra, I’ve got some reviews in the works for awesome G-spot toys!

      • Myra

        Awesome. 😀

  • lickedbyfire

    I hope to see more reviews for G-spot targeting toys. 🙂 Like the L’amourose Prism toys. I’m hearing great things about those already but I want to see if the sentiment is shared among other reviewers too!

  • So um… I’ll just be over here, entering in ALL THE WAYS because the battery on my Tango is pretty much wiped.

    I cannot for the life of me find where in this post it says to comment with what other reviews you’d like to see on Come Heather (and I’ve read this post three times now), but everyone else seems to be doing it, so I’m going to put my faith in them and go for it, too. :p

    Re: our convo on Twitter, I would LOVE to read reviews/posts on certain [redacted for spoilers] things that are not necessarily sex toys! 😉

  • Wren

    I second the calls for more g-spot toy reviews. I’m especially curious about the We-Vibe Rave (which hasn’t been released to the masses yet). It looks like it’d be really good for G-spotting, but I’m holding out judgement until I’ve read a few reviews.

  • Eliana Siegal

    I’d love to see more Fun Factory toys reviewed. Also: you made me laugh out loud with your Doc Johnson ‘Sex Toy Overlords’ comment. I work in a sex shop, and we all HATE Doc Johnson with a burning passion.

  • Lynn

    I am new to your website so I am still going through and learning what kind of stuff you post but I can say now that I love reading the honest reviews.. There is no way I want to read a great review about a bad product, because chances are I will end up purchasing it! I have to agree with others who are mentioning g-spot toys. What about hands-free toys too? Would also love to read more on toys that are meant to be worn during sex and both people feel something… Cannot tell you how many times my partner and I have tried these things over the years and I cannot honestly recall any that make us both feel great at the same time.

  • trix23

    I’d love to know more about the L’Amorouse Rosa Rouge and Prisms, and the Fun Factory Bouncer!

  • I’m interested in seeing a review of the new Tantus dildo Alan. It looks nice.

  • KinkyKittenKim

    I would like to see maybe a few more dildo reviews perhaspse wood or glass these materials are so underated 🙂

  • Joseph

    I always love seeing reviews about anal toys. Also I’ve been looking into toys that can be used for double penetration along with a penis. My gf and I have been looking for something like this

  • BlackAsphodel

    I’m mostly interested in big silicone dildos & anal toys (silicone, glass & stainless steel). And good clitoral vibrators. So far, the We-Vibe 3 is my favorite – I don’t know if there’s anything similar in shape on the market. The Lelo Ida always slips out. What I like about the We-Vibe is that it “clips” onto your pubic bone & thus stays in place for a longer time.

  • Echo

    For the last year I’ve been sex toy mad, but convinced that my g-spot is the only pleasurable area for me, I’ve tried loads of cheap to middle price vibes and not found they’ve done anything for me. So I’d ignored things like the tango because it seemed like a lot of money to spend when my clitoris seems to have no feeling in it. I recently got myself a Denia and realized my clitoris is alive and well, I just needed something stronger! Since then my eyes have only been for the Tango! I would love one.

    As for reviews I’d like to see, more fun factory and Tantus because they seem amazing but I still haven’t taken the plunge yet

  • Maya Dinerstein

    I’m also a brand new follower, and I’d say that more BDSM (or things that you can use for BDSM means) would be great. I’m thrilled that you’ve reviewed Eva because I kept getting questions about it and was worried that it would be disappointing for most bodies.

  • Devon Ruschmeier

    I’m new to your blog, but I like what I see so far! I’ll have to start reading more reviews before buying things that end up disastrous like my first real sex toy that was more than just a bullet vibe…
    There’s a specific brand I’d love to see talked about more, Orgasmatronics. Particularly, their Ambrosia vibe. As a trans*man, the Ambrosia seems like a potential game changer for my sex life and, I’m sure, plenty of other peoples’.

  • edeneveef

    I’d like to read a review of the Thrustick.

  • patterson_johnm

    Cock sleeve

  • The Play Rume

    I absolutley love your website, great reviews and really helps me with ideas on how to build my own!

  • SickRose

    I want a blue tango so bad! I love keeping a color theme in my toys so I go for black, blue, and silver. It’s a perfect match on top of just being amazing.

  • Kaitlin

    This is a super helpful review as sometimes penetration can be uncomfortable. I’d like to see more reviews of products for those who need a lot of external stimulation.

  • dv8

    I’d like to see more reviews of silicone dildos, especially ones from smaller companies.

  • Sand

    I would like to see so,e reviews for Fucking Sculptures or more obscure brands.

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