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Review • GladRags Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads • Boycotting Big Napkin

gladrags-reusable-cotton-pads-5I normally use a menstrual cup whenever I fall to the Communists, but I had run into a problem: thinking it’s the end of my period, I’ll remove the cup, only to end up spotting in my underwear. Sure, I could leave it in for another day, but that means one more day where I can’t have penetrative sex or masturbate with insertables without running to the bathroom to remove the cup.

At first I tried conventional pads (which shall henceforth be known as Maxi Bads, or ‘MBs’), but I find them gross, and always have. There’s a reason I switched to tampons as a teenager, and then ultimately to a menstrual cup in my early 20s: disposable pads are bulky, expensive, wasteful, scratchy, and often contain pesticides, dioxins, plastics, and other undisclosed ingredients.

Not convinced? Watch the billowing black smoke that issues from them as compared to a natural pad. Plus, who wants to support Big Napkin anyway?

2015100614162555463_lrgInspired by JoEllen (a.k.a. the Redhead Bedhead), I decided to give reusable cloth pads a try. Tracy over at GladRags (located just a few miles from my home!) sent me a sample, and I’m over the moon (no pun intended) for this new addition to my menstrual arsenal.

“They are so soft!” was my initial thought upon equipping my organic cotton reusable pad, not crunchy and abrasive like a Maxi Bad. I don’t feel like I’m constantly being reminded I’m on my period with a grocery bag rustling around in my pants going, “I’m a big ol’ pad! Paddy paddy paddy pants! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!”

Granted, I can feel the presence of the pad, but fabric is a sensation I’m accustomed to feeling every day in the form of underwear, so it didn’t take very long to get used to.

GladRags pads are surprisingly low-maintenance – I just toss my soiled holder and inserts into the washing machine with the rest of my laundry. I heard it through the grapevine that the fibers open up, making them softer and more absorbent the more you wash them. They tend to come out of the dryer a little wrinkly; nothing a swipe of the iron can’t fix.

Something interesting happened today when I got up after sleeping in my new cloth pad. It was bloody, but it didn’t stink.

GladRags-Day-PadI was worried it would emit the characteristic raunchy odor I’m used to smelling when dealing with MBs (whodathunk all that suffocating plastic combined with moisture would create an ideal environment for bacteria? Sanitary pads, my ass!) All I smelled was blood, though; a subtle, natural bouquet of copper pennies. Add that to the list of reasons cloth pads are far superior.

My biggest concern was that the pad wouldn’t be as absorbent as MBs, and would shift around in my underwear since it’s only held in place by a small snap. I’m pleased to report that neither of these fears have materialized. The pads are absorbent, wick moisture away from my body, and stay firmly in place. I could see these as being a good option for mild urinary incontinence as well.

I chose organic, unbleached cotton, but they come in all sorts of cute colors, and a variety of styles and sizes.

The next time you anticipate an occupation by the Red Menace, consider chucking those stinky MBs and switching to this body-safe, eco-friendly alternative.

Thank you, GladRags, for sending me a reusable cloth pad for review!

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