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“It was the best of slimes, it was the worst of slimes…”

From Vancouver, Canada-based company Hathor comes Sutil, a water-based natural lubricant that performs like silicone. Developed by a mother-daughter team, it’s the thickest, slickest, longest-lasting water-based lube I’ve ever used. I thought I had died and gone to some version of heaven where fornication is legal.

Free of glycerin, parabens, GMOs, and other nasties, this sumptuous oat beta glucan- and lotus root-infused blend doesn’t get gummy as it dries up, nor does it create a sensory barrier between you and your partner in the same way that cushier silicone lubes have a tendency to do.

I’m going to get this out of the way, though: I’m allergic to the stuff (update: I now suspect my intolerance to this lube to be a pseudoallergic sodium benzoate-triggered histamine reaction). Shortly after taking it on board as my primary lubricant, I started experiencing itching and burning. This went on for about one [torturous] week, and I could not figure out the culprit. I assumed it was a yeast infection. I didn’t even think to question my fancy, eco-certified lube. Pinky was the one to make the correlation, “could it be the lube you’re using?” Bingo. I stopped using it, and it went away. Cue heartbreak mixed with relief, like breaking up with an incompatible partner you still love.

sutil-lubricant-1A week or so later, I tested a dollop on the inside of my nose – mucosal tissue – and a squirt on a large swathe of my forearm, where the skin is thin and sensitive. Nothing happened to my arm, but the inside of my nose became decidedly itchy. Then I started experiencing inexplicable heart palpitations, a classic histamine reaction.

I wanted this to be The Lube to End All Lubes, and it could’ve been if the lube gods didn’t hate me, because Sutil is otherwise perfect (okay, maybe not perfect – it has a slight envelope glue taste to it).

I scouted reviews for others who had experienced the same adverse effects and came up empty-handed, so I think it comes down to my hypersensitivity histamine intolerance (if you’ve tried Sutil and had a reaction, I want to hear from you!). What this means though, is that unless you’re like me, you’ll probably be fine and totally adore Sutil. Everybody loves this stuff. In fact, co-owner of Sutil, Mellta Swift, told me that they have sold over 10,000 tubes and I’m the only person who has complained of a reaction. Go figure.

Hand jobs, PIV, sex toy insertion, masturbation, anal sex…you name it, Sutil can handle it. It washes off easily, and unlike silicone lube, it’s compatible with all sex toy materials.

Early to Bed sells a .34 oz sample size for $3.50, so you won’t be out $25 if you have a reaction or just plain don’t like it. If this goo suits your body chemistry, I think you will be pleased if not shocked and awed by its magical botanical powers. I urge you to give it a shot.

As for me…I lubri-would, but I lubrican’t.

Thank you, Sutil, for sending me your lubricant for review!

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