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Review • Pleasure Works Casanova Anal Toy • Seductive, My Ass


See those bright blue butt beads over there? That’s Pleasure Works Casanova: a 3.5″ long, and 7/8” wide, 100% silicone anal toy with four stacked bulbs. You can’t tell from the photos, but the silicone actually has flecks of glitter that catch the light like iron pyrite particles in lapis lazuli. It also comes in pink.

It pains me to write two negative reviews in a row, but like the famed hips of Shakira, I, too, have body parts that don’t lie. Namely my anus.

It’s not that Casanova is a bad toy, per se, it just can’t make up its mind – is it a butt plug? Is it an anal probe? Is it anal beads? The distinction is much more ambiguous than Tantus Ripple, whose base screams “not for longterm wear!” and, “tiny strap-on probe for tiptoeing into anal play.”

The base of Casanova is trying to trick you into thinking that it’ll stay nestled betwixt your cheeks, but it’s deceptive. It will not. There isn’t a wide enough discrepancy between the size of the last bulb and the valley below it to get a good sphincter grip, effectively locking the toy in. This means that every time I stand up, Casanova tries to check out of Butt Hotel, and I have to reach around and push it back in.

Thankfully I’ve never worn it in public. I can’t even think of going pee with this in, unless I want to fetch it out of the toilet, or pee all over my hand trying to keep it in place. I may or may not have endured the latter. Pleasure-Works-Casanova-Butt-Plug

So, we’ve established that it doesn’t want to stay inside your butt for gallivanting around town, and it’s not strap-on compatible…so that must mean it’s for a quick wank – when you want a lil’ butt play along with masturbation, n’est-ce pas? Well, one arm of the base covers my vaginal entrance, so, if you have a vagina and want to penetrate said vagina…Casanova will cock-block you.

It feels great going in, but unlike legit anal beads that have a loop on the end, Casanova has nothing to grip onto for withdrawal when orgasm strikes.

Casanova is inexpensive at $22, but the more versatile Tantus Ripple Small Grab Bag is in the same price range if you don’t mind a surprise color.

My bum is bummed out because Casanova has failed to seduce it. Perhaps Valentino would be more up my a… my alley.

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  • Jillian Boyd

    How have I not read your blog before? Ace review – you have quite a way with words, you do.

    • Come Heather

      Thank you, Jillian! You’re very kind. I only started my blog in late July, so that might have something to do with it.

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