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This kawaii-as-fuck little buddy is the Iroha Mini, a single-speed, waterproof vibrator that takes one AAA battery and retails for under $30. Iroha is an offshoot of Tenga, famous for their masturbator eggs.

Having briefly been an Art Major in a past life, I recognized that Iroha used complementary colors for two of their color schemes:

Fuji Lemon, which is pale purple/buttercream yellow –and– Sora-Mikan (which means sky-Satsuma mandarin in Japanese), the one I chose, which is powder blue/goldenrod.

Ume-Anzu (meaning Japanese plum-apricot) is two shades of salmon pink. I’m guessing they figured it would be too reminiscent of Christmas to pair pink with its complement, green. In any event, I’m definitely digging the unconventionality of their color choices, even the ubiquitous pinkity-pink is different.

Mini looks more like a lip balm than a sex toy, so if you want Mini to tag along with you, prying puritans will be none the wiser (just pray they don’t get chapped lips!). No, it doesn’t lock for travel, but the ON/OFF button is an inconspicuous soft spot like the fontanelle on a newborn’s skull, and flush with the vibe, so it’s much less likely to be turned on accidentally. You can also remove the battery if you’re really paranoid.

The first time I tried Mini, I was actually shocked at how strong the vibes were, even with the standard-issue tester battery it came with. It’s kinda loud, though! Like cellphone vibrate
mode loud!

iroha-mini-photo-4The vibrations are überfast (like an Autobahn motorist), very tickley (this isn’t a word?) and buzzier than a barrel o’ bees. I don’t dislike buzzy. It gave me two hysterical paroxysms in
about two minutes from a cold start. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need to back off between orgasms due to sensitivity. After the fifth time I used it, I concluded that it takes longer for me to orgasm using it than with more powerful vibrators, but I can keep coming relatively effortlessly after that, without letting up on the toy; I can keep riding the wave.

The curve in the toy makes it hard to press more than the tip against my clit. This drives me batty. Granted, the vibrations are concentrated in the tip, but I generally like a vaster
swathe of vulva covered in vibes than just the area of my pinky.

Made of elastomer and ABS plastic, Mini is hard. I wish it were cushiony because I felt the desire to squash it against my clit rather forcefully, but this just caused discomfort. Since I couldn’t do that, I wiggled it around for extra stimulation.

I think the main reason it takes me so long to come with this device is due to flipping it around in every conceivable way to get the most vibration on the greatest expanse of tissue. I really want to press the blue half against my clit, but the vibrations there are absent.

With those beefs (beeves) out of the way, I do use and enjoy this toy quite a bit, even with more powerful options available to me. I realize that people like me, who like buzzy vibrations and can get off from riding down a bumpy street, are outliers.

It’s charming, discreet, inexpensive, and well-made. If you’re on a budget, and really intense, rumbly vibrations are uncomfortable or painful to you, this
vibrator is a good choice. Other people’s reviews led me to believe this toy was going to suck. It doesn’t suck! I’m actually quite enamored with this humming gumdrop (humdrop?). It’s simple, and yet, the sensations feel unique. It makes me come…multiple times…without fail.

Thanks to Tenga Iroha for sending me the Mini in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Another great review :). Quick question, what’s your favorite couples sex toy? The iroha looks like it would be fun for couples play just like the “Minna Limon” you reviewed the other day. But what in your opinion is the best for couples play?

    • Come Heather

      Thanks, Oliver! I’ve only recently started reviewing, so I don’t have a vast archive of sex toy knowledge, but I have really enjoyed using the Hitachi wand with penetration attachments, PicoBong Transformer (which I just reviewed), the Wartenberg wheel for sensation play, and most recently I used a Bad Dragon masturbator sleeve on my partner that he enjoyed a lot. He’s going to be writing a guest review on that toy coming up real soon. What about you? Do you have any favorite couples toys?

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