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Review • Tantus Ripple Small Anal Probe • The Ripple Effect

Tantus-Ripple-Small-4It’s a butt plug…it’s anal beads…it’s Tantus Ripple! Ripple probes your behind like a many-jointed finger (four to be exact), each bead bigger than the last. Mine is a hella cute day-glo orange-red with a slightly waxy finish that I snagged as a Grab Bag.

This completely non-toxic and phthalate-free 100% Ultra-Premium silicone anal probe isn’t for long-term wear unless you plan on sitting down or reclining the whole time; it will slip out. If I walk around wearing it, the biggest bead has a tendency to linger precariously halfway inside and outside of my butthole, making me feel like I have to poop.

The round base doesn’t tuck neatly up into your butt cheeks, but it does make Ripple a good strap-on candidate. It is for this reason that I say that Ripple is a toy meant to be involved and not stationary; it’s like a Border Collie, it needs to be played with.

Lubing Ripple up, and feeling each bead pop in and out of your anus is a spine-tingling treat. Try slowly pulling it out at the moment of orgasm to heighten your climax.

With 4.95″ in length and 1″ in diameter at the largest bulb, Ripple would be ideal for warm-up, an introduction to pegging/anal play, or even as a graduated dildo for those new to vaginal penetration. Ripple comes in a large size, too, for hungrier holes. Knowing what I know now (that I’m a butt plug size queen), I should’ve gone with the larger size, but I ain’t sad, this puppy is definitely going into some butts of a less ravenous sort.

When I envision the person for whom this anal probe would be perfect, I picture that boyfriend who is like, “okay, you’ve talked me into it, I’ll let you stick something up my butt.” It’s subtle, nothing intimidating about it, but also feels really good. I haven’t gotten to that point with Pinky yet, but if/when he’s ready, Ripple will be waiting.

So, cats and kittens, Tantus Ripple fits the bill if you’re seeking a fun little body-safe butt plug/anal bead hybrid for back door beginners.

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