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Review • Tantus Bronco Butt Plug • Giddy-Up the Butt!


Howdy! Meet Bronco: an ample, velvety plug designed by Tantus for San Francisco’s own Mr. S. Leather, and made, as always, from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

At 1.75″ in diameter, and 5″ long, could I take on this butt plug made for gay leathermen? By hook or crook, dammit, I was determined. It’s longer and fatter than Ryder at its widest point, but also spongier and more tapered. I surprised myself by being able to get it in on the first try with the help of some oil-based lube, though for a couple minutes afterward I was walking around like a bow-legged cowgirl in a stand-off.

Being horizontal, I discovered, is the best position for sliding this formidable beast into my bum. Five inches maxes out my butt’s threshold; the flange doesn’t sit flush with my butt cheeks, instead it pokes out a little, and if I try to push it in, I’m confronted with a pang of discomfort. So while I prefer Bronco’s supple cushiness, Ryder’s length suits my butt’s holding capacity. The neck is also thicker, so it’s harder for your sphincter to relax. That said, I find myself reaching for Bronco over Ryder.

Contrary to popular opinion, I wouldn’t discount it for long-term wear; while my rectum became sore less than an hour after wearing it the first time, by the fourth time I was able to retain it for three hours and forget it was in. It seems to get easier to wear for longer periods with every use.tantus-bronco-7

Rebounding on my mini-trampoline has been my litmus test for whether or not a butt plug is gonna stay put. Bronco didn’t wanna buck out of my ass even while bouncing. Gravity moving the plug up and down inside me was curiously arousing, almost like an invisible hand thrusting it. A++ would do business again.

I thought that I could keep Bronco in my ass while my sex “pardner” fucked me, but it filled me up to the point that I could barely fit the first joint of my index finger into my vagina without hitting my pubic bone. This was ultimately a blessing in disguise as I discovered that G-spot stimulation by-way-of-the-anus is a thing. I ended up rubbing one out while Bronco was inside of me, and it was glorious, each orgasmic contraction hugging Bronco’s satisfying contours. This toy elicits a stirring in me. It’s hard to resist the stretch of this buttery silicone probe.

Silicone does have the unpleasant tendency to absorb smells. Airing it out overnight has worked well for me, but if you can’t seem to extricate stubborn butt-musk from your toys, a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water, hydrogen peroxide, denture tablets, or leaving it in a tupperware full of baking soda overnight are all strategies circulating the anal-sphere that are purported to eliminate said odors.

Writing this review, I learned two things:

1) I am becoming a butt plug size queen.

2) Evidently the word “plug” is slang for an old horse (a Bronco, even).
So go and wrangle yourself a Bronco, Hoss.

Tantus Bronco is $51.55 or $29.99 as a Grab Bag if you don’t mind a surprise color!

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