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Musings • Shower Enema Installation • Three Cheers for Clean Rears

enema-holistic-retreat copyIf you like anal sex, then you’ve probably given yourself an enema. An enema is like a shower for your colon, a way to flush yourself out before anal play. Frankly, I was getting tired of how much time and energy I had to waste doing the run-of-the-mill bag enema routine: fill bag, screw cap, hang bag, insert nozzle, unclamp hose stopper, clamp hose stopper, flush out, etc. I’m already getting annoyed at how many steps there are to even write about the whole tedious operation. While I still love my red CleanStream enema bag for travel, it was still a huge hassle for regular use at home.

My solution? Install a shower enema! I bought the CleanStream Alumi Tip Enema Nozzle, made from solid polished aluminum which has a nice heft to it and I find to be rather aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, we have a shower in our basement so guests aren’t going to be subjected to seeing a big metal butt plug dangling from a steel hose when they ask to use the restroom.

shower2What you’ll need:

  • A shower arm diverter, which allows you to switch between the shower head and the enema hose. 
  • A handheld shower hose attachment, preferably at least 6′ long.

I put a couple of towels down on the floor running from the shower to the toilet, since I knew I’d be running back and forth dripping wet several times.


You’re going to want to lube your bottom up with silicone lube, or an oil-based lubricant. Stay away from water-based lube because obviously it’s going to wash right off.

I started out with a nice hot shower and ran the nozzle under the water to warm up the cold metal. Turn the water down to an almost indiscernible trickle coming from the shower head, otherwise when you turn the shower arm diverter, you’ll have a hose snaking everywhere shooting heavy blasts of water through very small holes, potentially spraying you in the eyes with quite a bit of force. Reduce the temperature until it’s warm or lukewarm, so that you don’t scald your insides. Don’t change the water pressure or the temperature of the enema while it’s inside of you. There are a number of ways in which you could injure yourself with this thing, so use common sense.


Now that the flow is gentle, slowly turn the shower arm diverter so the flow is directed to the enema hose. You may have to turn it down even more once the water starts coming out of the nozzle. The photo below shows the ideal flow for me; it’s just enough to be able to put the whole nozzle in without having to take it out immediately. You’d be surprised how quickly you feel full, so I recommend erring on the side of barely any water coming out than turning yourself into a water balloon before you can even insert the nozzle all the way, a potentially dangerous scenario.


Once you feel sufficiently full, remove the nozzle and either retain the enema for several minutes, or immediately walk to the toilet and void. Go back to the shower and repeat until the water runs clear. I leave the water running while I empty myself out because readjusting the temperature and flow takes a bit of time; if you keep the water at a trickle you won’t get a call from Frank the Fish.

Once you’re clean, it helps to massage your belly while sitting on the toilet to encourage stubborn butt-water to exit. I like to stand up, walk around, even jump around, do some cartwheels & jumping jacks for a couple minutes and sit back down to get it all out.

The best part is that when you’re done, you can use the still running water to rinse off, and wash the nozzle with soap and water. Sterilize the shower enema nozzle by boiling it or dipping it in a 10% bleach solution if you plan on sharing it with partners.

 Hip hip hooray!

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