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Before we talk sex, let’s talk specs. The Jimmyjane FORM 2 is a palm-sized solid vibrator in medical-grade matte silicone with a stainless steel bottom for charging. The appeal of this sucker lies in its two stiff, rotating, vibration-wielding arms. “Sensation in Stereo,” the advertisement proclaims, referring to the dual motors housed in its arms.


That’s some fancy footwork!

It doesn’t come with a case or bag of any sort; the recharging dock cradles the toy while not in use. It’s waterproof, and can be locked for travel, and remembers your last setting when you turn it back on again.The FORM 2 has three buttons, a plus and minus sign to control the power of the vibrations, and a tilde to toggle through four patterns (constant, oscillate, thrum, and pulse.

According to urban legend, there is a hidden “chaos” mode that can be activated with the right amount of skill, akin to capturing all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog and morphing into Super Sonic.


Activate chaos mode!

It comes in two colors: slate (above, which looks like a charcoal grey but is apparently navy blue according to several reviewers), and a Barbie dream house shade of pink. I ordered slate, but to my chagrin they sent me the latter. My boyfriend calls it “The Tooth”; I think it looks like an Uglydoll™.

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

The sensation is not leporine (of or resembling a rabbit); that is to say the arms do not flutter like the ears of a rabbit vibrator; they are stiff and solid, and quite powerful like two tiny boxing kangaroo fists. When I bought this, visions of my clit sandwiched between two bliss-inducing vibrating limbs swirled in my head. Unfortch, the prongs were spaced too far apart for both of them to touch my clit, so I just ended up holding it at a sideways profile and using one side, which kinda defeats the purpose. I felt nervous about breaking the toy with the Herculean pressure I was placing on one small arm, the other arm swirling about into the ether, not waving but drowning.

I felt nervous about breaking the toy with the Herculean pressure I was placing on one small arm, the other arm swirling about into the ether, not waving but drowning.

According to several other reviewers, the toy has a glitch: it’s known to lose vibration in its arms and move into the body of the device. Perhaps I didn’t discover this because I was too busy using it wrong to wrench out an orgasm.  

It claims to run over 4 hours on one charge…not that I kept it long enough to verify. I ended up returning it and buying FUN FACTORY Jam as a replacement. I would have stuck it out and analyzed it in great detail, grinning and bearing its unpleasant idiosyncrasies for the sake of my readers, but alas, I owned it and returned it all before deciding to start this blog.  As it turns out, a good female friend of mine purchased this toy around the same time as I did, and echoed my disappointment regarding the placement of the arms. She was actually jealous I was able to return it. It sucks. 

Granted, the FORM 2 gave me orgasms (I have used my cell phone’s vibrate function to give myself orgasms, if that gives you an idea of how little that actually means), but not without ending up with a mild cramp in my hand from holding the toy at an awkward angle, pushing it against my vulva with more pressure than I should have to muster. After all, shouldn’t a sex toy make masturbation easy? 

With a $149 price tag, no clitoral sandwich heaven, and the risk of dealing with a glitch? Sorry, Jimmyjane…I can’t handle “The Tooth.”


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  • Polly Vincere

    “Clitoral sandwich heaven” sounds great and something I had not previously considered to pursue.

    I’ve always thought the Form 2 looks like a severed head from a stuffed rabbit toy, the non sexy kind.

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